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A weekly calendar for leaders

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Leaders require context for what they do and how they spend their time. A philosophy that guides their behavior and the things they treat as a priority.Without context, leaders tend not to lead. They flit. They simply follow their nose and spend their time on the crisis of the day.They manage the momentum of the organization rather than disrupting it based on the need to respond to changes in their environment that shout out a new direction.For me, the appropriate leadership context for todays rapidly changing and unpredictable world should be all about serving people- people "on the inside" - employees, and people "on the outside" - customers.Serving employees.Not directing, commanding and controlling them. Not telling them what to do as they go about performing their daily jobs. Not dictating orders for them to follow.Rather, establishing the picture of the journey to be taken, relating it to their specific job and enabling them to take it with you.This philosophy starts with the question "How can I help?" Helping by removing the barriers that prevent them from doing the job they want to do.By freeing them from organizational bureaucracy that stultifies their efforts.Serving customers.Not flogging products and services at them. Not forcing them to take what you supply.Not treating them like a faceless entity in the crowd.Rather, positioning the organization to respond to their needs, wants and desires- to subordinate its profit motives and declare the customer as the lead priority.Designing solutions and creating memorable experiences for them. By delivering happiness to them every time they engage with some aspect of your organization.You cant plan your week without getting your thinking straight on which philosophy YOU believe in as a leader.Do you want to control and direct people or do you want to serve and take care of them?For some, this is a difficult issue. Informacion sobre este autor no puede ser descubierto tan bien como eliminado dentro del Con el escritor. Usted podria interesados ??en otros libros electronicos de formacion Con el ROY OSING. Nosotros estabamos Capaces de Adquirir la mayor parte de casi todos de iformatsii Usted disponible para usted. Con respecto a expertos: nuestro sitio web no va ampliar a consumidor accesibilidad su guias en nuestro paginas web solo apertura el libro de la hembra. Si usted siente que cree que sitio web sitio normalmente es infractor, por favor, asegurese de que usted necesita correo electronico los estados unidos respecto a esto problema con en verdad el publicador de estos libros, vamos a inmediatamente sacar paginas web De nuestro de sitio web

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